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Since I'm NOT on this account anymore, Add this one, It's my RP Korea account, but you must talk to me like this if you want OOC. ( Blah. ) Or (( Blah)) Or // Bleh//.

So yeah, That is all.
Here ya go. BI

  • Listening to: Bad Touch Trio- Maru kaite chikyuu~
  • Reading: The computer screen? ;I
  • Watching: You! Muhahah watch out aru, Im in your ceiling
  • Playing: ..With my keyboard xD
  • Eating: A DOUGHNUT! :U


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United States
Now a poem:
Our thoughts on Hetalia
Germany is tough,
we don't mind telling ya,
Switzerland is rough,
we just love PASTAAA~
We're into most of this stuff,
Korea was prohibited,
Italy is sweet,
Holy Rome's love was admitted
Prussia can't be beat,
When we saw Italy and HRE kiss... we nearly shitted XD
China is such a treat,
England is fun,
Spain is enjoyable,
Russia... RUN!
Sealand is adorable,
our poem is almost done,
Austria is insupportable,
Japan is fine,
Kawaii desu,
America is subline,
Canada who?
Yaoi is win,
Lithuania is anxious,
France has a hairy chin,
Poland ,like, is obnoxious,
our poem comes to a finish.

Hello~! Everyone >w< My name is bree or Breanne I just like 'Bree' Better :DD~

Soooo I love to Roleplay~! JUST LOVE IT. c:

~Current animes I LOVE~~
Axis Powers Hetalia~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <333333333
Black Butler~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <333333333
Pandora Hearts~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <333333333
Ouran High School Host Club~ >w< <3
Vocaloid: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <333333333
Kitchen Princess~ ( It's not a anime but a managa and I LOVE IT! >w< )
Sailor Moon~ <33333333
Naruto~ <333333333
Homestuck~ <333333333333333333333
~ Good Friendss~
:iconink-fugi: Okay so~ I met you in a rp group and your like My "Taco Buddy Mexiii~ aru~!" >w< We are good friends and I wanna talk more! >w<
:iconi-am-northen-ireland: We are also good friends! We rped alot in the group chat and I hope we can do that more often! >w< Also you are like "My lepercon Buddy!~" >w<
:iconmrawsomeness: You are also a VERY GREAT FRIEND!~ You helped me alot and your like my buddeh Man! I just wish we can talk more often ^^; It would be cool if we could! >w<
:icononelovedrew: You have been like my BEST FRIEND SINCE I WAS LITTLE~! I love you very much gurl and you have been their when I needed you! >w<
:iconxxpastaloverxx: You are also a very good friend! We used to rp ALOT but...We don't talk very much anymore.. D': Wish we can talk more! >w<
:iconinuyashafanatic12345: You are also a good friend! >w< Your like my Russia Da~! >w< I hope we can talk more!
:iconyuseifudofan1: You are also a good Friend! I hope we can talk more! You are actually one of the first five friends I made when I started on DA! 8D

~ People who I talk to on Facebook VERY GOOD FRIENDS~!/…: Weeell~ YOU TELL ME WO'MAN' LADY GAGA :I xD This is one of mah good friends we get along well~ ...Though if I rp Sebby with them...They try to rape me.. e-o Anyway~ they are a good rp Buddy!!/…: Well~! You are one of the first people I met when I started roleplaying on FaceBook c: You are a great friend and I love talking to you~! >w< Also ...I think you are the only normal one out of all of us..xD;!/… .... You are kinda violent but I still love ya! You are also one of the first people I rped with when I started on FaceBook!~ >w< And You are like... My violent Buddy that will wack Alfred with a stop sign and eats apples~! xD!/Viddiea1 You are also a good friend! Though you hit me with a bat.. ._. Anywho~ You are a good friend~ And I think you are the second only normal one~ xD;

I'm usually on Facebook alot, SO if I magically 'Dissapear' from this website, Go to my Facebook page~ ;D I would be glad to talk to you if you Like Vocaloid, HETALIA,BLACK BUTLER, An HOMESTUCK~ c:

My FB is down tharrr.

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